Monitored Alarm Systems Can Reduce Homeowner Insurance Rates up to 20%

Good news for homeowners: Insurance companies offer substantial discounts on policies for homes with monitored alarm systems. According to a recent study by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, the availability of monitored burglar alarms to middle-class homeowners has helped reduce crime significantly. And in a survey by the Electronic Security Association, 10 of the biggest homeowner insurance companies revealed discounts of up to 20% for properties with monitored home security systems.

Checkmate Security home automation puts you in control
Ask Checkmate Security about integration of security systems, lighting, appliances, computers, heating and cooling systems and audio/video systems for maximum convenience and control.

Light control: Timed lighting, sensor-activated lights
Lights come on automatically when you enter a room and turn off when you leave. That's energy savings you can put in the bank.

Before entering your home, use a wireless keychain touchpad to turn off your security system and turn on lights remotely so you never enter a dark house again.

Wireless system operation
You can turn your system off and on without having to remember an access code. Wireless control makes it possible.

On-premises phone control
Use a wireless or standard phone to control your system from inside the house. Your Checkmate Security system makes any touchtone phone a security system touchpad.

Remote phone control
Call from a touchtone phone anywhere in the world to check system status, change arming levels or turn lights on or off.

Intrusion, fire and environmental monitoring
Wireless systems are quick and easy to install. We install them where they'll do the most good, not where it's easiest to run wires.

Automatic paging
Some Checkmate Security systems automatically page or call you when there's an alarm, so you always know the status of your security system. This feature is especially important if you have kids home alone.

Heating and air conditioning control
You can call into your system to adjust temperature control. Or set a schedule to adjust the temperature automatically when you're not in the house.

Appliance control
Put appliances to work for you when you can't be there. Turn on the coffee pot before you get up; start cooking dinner before you get home!