Nassau & Suffolk County Burglar Alarm Permit Information


Nassau and Suffolk Counties require all alarm users to have a permit. It is important that you keep your permit current or apply for one if you do not have one. If police are dispatched to your location and no permit is on file, you may be fined.
While Nassau has required a permit since 1991, Suffolk has recently required permits and the filing period is now open and all users are required to apply before June 1, 2016.

By clicking on the links below, you will find all the information necessary.


Please click on the appropriate link depending on where you live.

Nassau County Residents and Business Owners

Keep your alarm permit current by clicking on the link below.

 (If you do not have a permit, you may contact your local precinct or Checkmate for an application)


Suffolk County Residents and Business Owners

Click on the link below to apply for an alarm permit.


Nassau County Fire Alarm Permit Renewal

Click on the link below to renew your Nassau County Fire Alarm Permit.